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Although we are based in Blackpool we can help businesses throughout the UK and worldwide. Our team of SEO consultants are experts and have proven results in ranking businesses in Blackpool and throughout the country. We can offer you a wide range of SEO services based on what you are looking to achieve.

We can help you with a full range of digital marketing services. Have a website already? We can help with content writing to give you the perfect online presence and have content writing specialists ready on hand to help you get the most from your website.

We also have strong knowledge and experience in social media management, email marketing and social media marketing. All our meetings can be done face to face in one of our meeting rooms or via Zoom if you are not local to Blackpool Lancashire. If you would like to join our mailing list for free tips and business advice from the top digital marketing agency in Blackpool, click here to leave your email address. If you are interested in discussing our services in more detail then please contact us.

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’. SEO is also a form of internet marketing using guidelines created by Google, using these guidelines will increase the chance of your website attracting organic (none paid for) traffic to your website from users using search engine platforms.

There are numerous changes you can make to your website and content that help you be discovered on Google and rank higher amongst competitors. The higher you appear on search engines; the more users visit your website.

SEO is all about using specific keywords, optimization of high-quality content, and building backlinks.

SEO Blackpool

Advantages & Benefits Of SEO For Your Website


Higher Search Rankings


SEO targets quality traffic


You don’t need to pay for ads in SEO


SEO gets more clicks than PPC


SEO helps PR


Higher Sales for Business


Increased Organic Traffic


Greater Number of Leads

Why do you Need SEO?

SEO is an excellent marketing tool for any business of any size. The main elements of SEO are technical, on-page, content, backlinks, and citations, whilst the elements of SEO are the same, each SEO campaign is different because each business has different focuses and different strategies based on your niche.

CDL Media SEO Audits

Each campaign we work on starts with a thorough SEO audit. The audit allows us to look deeply into your website, the SEO components you are missing. We look at the conversion rate optimization and the user experience as a whole.

We then produce a plan for the campaign we need to take your business to the next level, we look at the steps we need to take to get you there, as well as analyze your current SEO set up. Each SEO report will then refer back to the original report to measure our success.

A good audit is absolutely essential for the growth of an SEO campaign. Our process is to focus on what actually matters to increase your rankings as quickly as possible and then after we have succeeded in this we can then focus on the parts that are less essential.

Why your Business Needs SEO?

Most business owners understand the importance of SEO but as well as improving a website’s overall visibility and serviceability, SEO can grow a business dramatically. SEO builds trust and authority, Good quality SEO will mean a better user experience for your website visitors. Using a good SEO digital marketing agency often means more sales and high conversion and SEO is a long-term strategy to ensure you stay at the top of your game in business.


How CDL Media Can Help with your SEO?


You may have the best business on the market in your niche, you have the most stunning website and you provide your clients with good quality service, but what good is it if you are not reaching your ideal clients? SEO changes continuously which is why it is important to work with a company that always has its head in the game when it comes to SEO. CDL media keeps up to date with training, algorithms and implements everything you need so that you can work in your business whilst we work on growing your reach organically.



SEO Reporting

Our SEO reporting ensures we stand out from competitors. Our focus on SEO reporting is important to us so that you can see how every hour has been spent throughout the month. Every citation, link that has been built will be listed on your report.

It is important at CDL media that we are completely transparent when it comes to showing your return on investment. We will compare results every month, every season, and every year to show you how your website has improved since joining CDL Media LTD.

Technical SEO and On-page Changes

Following our thorough SEO audit, we work through a strategy including keyword research, link, structure, content, and page strategies and we can then move on to the execution.

We initially will look at completing any website technical issues that have cropped up during the audit and we will move forward with any on-page changes. Many business owners can underestimate the on-page changes when there are actually essential for the campaign. A huge amount of research goes into what keywords we will target and on which pages will be. We will map out of findings and suggestions and then speak with the clients about why we have chosen them. We aim to make your SEO campaign successful as quick;y as possible which is why we focus on keywords that will generate sales and inquiries instead of high volume keywords right away. We believe that the first goal is to generate sales and inquiries.

SEO Content

Once we have researched the best keywords for the campaign, it is time to get started with the quality content. You may have heard the term ‘content is King” and although we agree, we also understand that it needs to be engaging, informative, and most importantly sell the product or service that your business offers.

Every business is different and requires different levels of content. When working on the content we refer back to the original audit and strategic plan of action. If we have found an opportunity to create some new website pages to target different keywords that will attract more qualified traffic then we will begin creating new content with a view to getting the new pages live as soon as possible. Every content marketing strategy is different and tailored to the business’s needs.


Can I Pay for a One-off SEO Service?

Although we strongly recommend ongoing monthly SEO campaigns for results, we understand that this may not always be possible, especially when starting a business which is why we have our new pick and mix service which allows you to purchases SEO packages as and when your business allows which means no contract and no ongoing monthly payments. SEO is vital to any successful business which is why offering the pick and mix service gives you the opportunity to start working on SEO before you can work it into your monthly budget.

Links/Authority Strategy


At CDL Media, as part of our SEO Blackpool strategy, we focus largely on link building and authority. Aside from creating good quality content, nothing has a bigger impact on your rankings than high-quality link building.


When can I expect results for my website?

New websites take longer to figure in the top search results as compared to existing ones. The typical timeline for new ones showing visible results is around 5-6 months while existing ones may show improvement within 3-4 months. We come up with an estimated timeline based on the keyword analysis and technical review of the site.

Who will work on my campaign?
We have a seasoned team of skilled and experienced SEO professionals to handle projects. A dedicated Account Manager is assigned for each project for managing the campaign from end to end. Your Account Manager will be available for communication via email, phone, or Skype
How can I get project updates?
As a part of our work methodology, we have a round-the-clock project management system where the campaigns are set up, along with individual tasks and milestones. You can access it to connect with the team, get updates, share files and feedback, find communication logs, and view project reports.
How can I monitor my campaign’s progress?
Besides the regular activity updates, we share monthly ranking reports for the keywords we work on. Furthermore, we provide detailed traffic and website usage reports to indicate improvements in traffic sources and conversions in detail.
Are there any contracts or can I cancel at any time?
We do not ask you to sign any contract with us except for agreeing to our terms of service. You can cancel the campaign anytime you want to. You also have the option to upgrade/ downgrade your service plan, whenever you want.
Do you use Google Penguin safe link building methodology?
Yes, we do. We make use of anchor text variations that combine singular/plural forms, synonyms, combined keywords, whole sentences, brand only, etc. A natural anchor text distribution prevents over-optimization of anchor texts which ensures that the methodology is Google Penguin safe.

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