PPC (Pay Per Click) can be a great traffic source for your business, either on its own or run alongside an Organic SEO campaign. The way it works is as the name suggests, each time somebody clicks your link you pay for the click. How much that click cost depends on the keyword that has been searched for and how competitive it is. Typically it can take a few months if starting from scratch before you see the traffic via organic SEO, but with a Pay Per Click campaign you can be showing at the top of page 1 within the day. Also unlike organic SEO, you can appear for a keyword whether it is mentioned on your website or not, you can even appear at the top of the page when somebody searches for one of your competitors.

The biggest PPC provider is Google via their Adwords program. The way you will be used to seeing these PPC adverts is at the top of the search results with the green “Ad” sign next to them and also via Google’s Display Network adverts that appear on millions of sites worldwide. Have you ever wondered how when you have been looking at a particular product and then you go on a website and there are adverts related to what you have just been looking at? Well those are typically Google adverts and we can set you up to appear on those

Some companies will look after their PPC campaign in the house but if it isn’t set up correctly by using either the wrong keywords or the wrong type of adverts, your budget could go very quickly with nothing to show for it.

We will build a PPC campaign for you that will give you more leads, sales, and revenue. We can also optimize your current campaign to give you a better return on investment. We will give you monthly reports of how much has been spent and on what keywords so you know exactly where your money is going.

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