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One Time Internet Marketing Package


We see many local businesses offering a great service with a great website but have no internet presence. For many businesses, particularly small businesses, paying a monthly fee of £250+ for their SEO isn’t always feasible, particularly for lower volume search terms.

We also see a lot of people are now looking after their own websites, particularly with easy to use website builders such as Wix and we get questions asking for help on how they can now promote these websites.

With the above in mind, we have created our One Time Internet Marketing Package. With this package it is just a one off fee, so no ongoing monthly fees and with a view of working closely with you to leave you in a position where your site is fully optimised and you have a much better understand of SEO & internet marketing to promote your site going forward.

What Does it Include?

  1. Initial consultation where we discuss your business and website
  2. Questionnaire to gauge information on the current setup and target market
  3. Keyword research and recommendations given based on search volume, relevancy and competition.
  4. A full on-site report and recommendations which would include helping to optimise the website for the keywords decided on in step 3 based on all current SEO principles plus other factors such as site speed, broken link check and security/certificate check. We then look to implement these fixes with you being as hands on as you want us to be
  5. Link building is huge part of SEO so our aim is to put the you in a position where you can gain links, some of these will be general recommendations and some specific ideas for the particular business type
  6. Google Business setup and recommendations on how you can improve their position in these results, particularly important for businesses with premises.
  7. Google Analytics setup and a screen share showing the key areas to check
  8. Subscription to our SEO tips e-mail – SEO is constantly changing and new methods devised. We are always up to date with current SEO trends and as and when we test new methods which we think would be beneficial, we will pass these on via e-mail.

If you would like to greatly improve your internet presence whilst improving your knowledge on SEO then please get in touch below with CDL Media.

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