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googles-john-mueller-exposes-his-2016-seo-tips-1Having a beautiful looking website is great, but if new customers cannot find it it, you could be missing out on a lot of potential business.

What is SEO?

Google’s search algorithm is very complex and constantly changing each year to improve the relevancy of the results to the seacher. It is based on formulas that generate millions of results and then orders them by relevance.  SEO, or search engine optimisation is where we implement a strategy to increase search engine rankings which ultimately means more potential customers to your website. We make sure it is optimised correctly to follow the current Google guidelines by using a number of techniques so your website achieves a high search ranking.

SEO should always be something you consider whether you are local business trading solely in Lytham St. Annes, or a worldwide company with multiple premises.

Why should I invest in SEO?

If you have watched our video you will have seen that 65% of searchers only click on the top 3 results, on top of that 90% of searchers do not look past page 1. With these statistics it is obvious that the higher your website ranks in the search results, the more potential customers see it.

How long does it take?

This depends on a number of factors, the main ones being:

• How competitive your business sector is
• How competitive your area is if it is a location based search
• How well optimised your site is before we start.

It’s not an instant process and it can take time for Google to pick up the changes. On average by month 3-4 you should be seeing a big improvement and on where your website is ranked

Our SEO work starts with a full audit of your current rankings and then of your site on and off-page. From there we will go through with you what keywords fit your business the best and then produce a plan as to how we are going to get your site to rank for those keywords.

This report will contain the changes needed on-page so it is optimised fully for the keywords plus other factors are correct such as loading speed and responsiveness (mobile phone friendly) .We will then look to gain quality backlinks for your site from other related sites. We only use safe techniques (white-hat) to gain backlinks, we don’t use things like automated software to create them as doing so will most likely end up with you getting penalised by Google at some point. Backlinks are a key part of SEO as Google see’s these backlinks from other sites effectively like a recommendation so gaining these is is very important.

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